I’m writing this from my home office, where I’ve been hiding for most of the year, writing and marking and composing. As the school year wraps up, and my teaching and classes wind down, I’m stepping up my artistic projects for the summer.

Of course my main project is my whale of a thesis/album. I’m collaborating with some fantastic musicians–I’m so excited–but I won’t jinx it by revealing too much too soon.

Otherwise, Lost Lagoon has graduated to weekly rehearsals. Lyn Heinemann (Portico, Drawn Ship) and Kyle Cashen (Old Time Machine) have joined Lucien Durey and I, making the band a true super group. I’m sure we’ll play a show one of these days.

I’m also starting work on a short soundtrack piece for Portrait Sonore, an organization that creates architecture walking tours. I had the opportunity to interview Cornelia Oberlander, the amazing 94-year-old landscape architect who designed the Robson Law Court Gardens in Vancouver. She is incredible! I look forward to experimenting with the Aeolian harp, as per her request.

In writing news, I published my first piece of prose! It’s a true story from my younger days playing in a folk band and living next door to a possible psychopath. Check it out here.

Onwards into blossoms and the fresh green of new leaves.