Hello, it’s been awhile — time for an update!

First, if you’re in the Vancouver area, there’s a Songs For a Lost Pod show coming up for the Vancouver International Jazz Festival on June 23, 2018 at 1:30 pm. It’s a free show downtown at the Robson Square stage — we’ve got a 12-piece ensemble plus narrator, so come on down.

Also, I made a video! This was my first time doing any filming and editing. We filmed it on location in Cerro Ballena, Chile, where the song “Fossil Dust” is set.

It was an amazing experience to explore an abandoned archaeological site, with hundreds of extinct marine mammals still buried underground and under the highway. You can learn more about this site here.

Filming was definitely an adventure… Our car got stuck in a sandbank and we starting wandering the desert. Thanks to a kind rescuer and Google Translate, we left with only mild sunburns and tricks to dig a car out of the sand. Check out my video of this eerie place.