This is an overdue hello from North America, back in my Vancouver home to be exact. After six months in Europe, a ton of touring, and lots of adventures, I’m back in Canada.

The big news for me right now is that I’ve started an MFA at UBC in the Creative Writing Program. I teach a course in the program, and it looked so fun that I wanted to do it myself! Actually, I’m pretty excited about branching out and learning different kinds of writing. My thesis will likely be a songwriting project and a new album, but it might take me a year (or two).

In the meantime, I’m really busy with classes and taking some time off from performing. I have only one show on my calendar, and it’s a fundraiser for the Dr. Peter Aids Foundation on November 29. I’ll be playing with my new duo, Lost Lagoon, which is a collaborative project with singer, songwriter and visual artist Lucien Durey, who has been my back-up singer and visual art/website guru for years. His songs and his voice are amazing, and I’m looking forward to working with him on a new project.

Take care out there, and hope to see you on the road sometime in the New Year.

xo Leah