The Abramson Singers, 2010

When singer-songwriter-guitarist Leah Abramson developed tendonitis in her wrist, she didn’t despair. Unable to write songs on guitar, Abramson borrowed an 8-track and started recording a cappella vocal pieces under the name The Abramson Singers.

Now healed and playing her guitar again, Leah released the resulting self-titled album on Toronto’s White Whale Records in February 2010, and formed a band under the same moniker with some of Vancouver’s brightest young musicians and singers.

A self-described “choir nerd,” Leah, took part in every school choir available to her growing up and then some. She confesses that, when she recorded her debut album Bedroom/City in 2006 under the name L. Abramson, doing the harmony overdubs was her favourite part. What’s more, in addition to performing with Dyad, Octoberman and—for a period—The Crooked Jades, Leah has been an in-demand harmony vocalist for bands across the country.

The Abramson Singers album has received rave reviews from all over the globe, most notably in the UK, where Leah subsequently toured in 2011 with Lau, Roddy Woomble (Idlewild), and Kathryn Williams.

But the album here.