Bedroom/City, 2006

Released February 1, 2006

L. Abramson: voice and guitars, accordion, piano on #6, kazoo

Katherine Dennison: keyboards on #2,3,8

Steven Wegelin: percussion on #1,3,4

Tyler Mounteney: bass on #1,3

Shiho Mizumoto: low fiddle on #7

Brodie Smith: keyboard on #2

Lara Farcasan: piano on #1

Ripper: Drums on #7

All songs by L. Abramson. Produced by L. Abramson and Bryan Seely.
Recorded by Bryan Seely at Flatblack in Surrey, BC.
Mixed by Brodie Smith and Bryan Seely at The Smilin’ Buddha in Vancouver, BC.
Additional remix by Pellucid
Mastered by Graemme Brown at Zen Mastering

Copyright Leah Abramson, 2006.

SOCAN/Copperspine Records/MAPL

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